Driver Volunteers

One of the easiest and most practical ways to help our aging neighbors is to help them get where they're going. Faith in Action Volunteers escort mobile senior and disabled individuals to doctors appointments, shopping and social activities.38983238_s

Relationships are built, worries, fears and joys shared. What starts as a "favor" that the volunteer is doing for the senior, often grows into a friendship that feeds them both.

How it works. A senior, caretaker or volunteer will call us with information about the need. We will then go through our database of volunteers looking for a match, based on the volunteers location availability, and desires.  We make calls, offering the volunteering opportunity until we find someone who can fill the need. We understand that our volunteers have lives of their own, and if they're not able to help at that time, we say thank you, have a nice day and move on. 

No pressure, no guilt. If you would like to serve as a Faith in Action volunteer, either email or call: (360)275-0535.Our transportation volunteers serve on an "as-needed", "on-call" basis