Volunteer to Help Seasonally

Perhaps you really like a holiday, or only want to volunteer for a certain event, we understand that and will work with you!

Do you have a wood you would like to donate for us to split, or help us split wood (we have a splitter!) and deliver it?  In 2016 we were able to split and deliver 10 cords of wood and helped 31 families with their heating.

We have events that happen throughout the year.  Perhaps you really like out St. Paddy’s Day event, or our Christmas Bazaar.  Maybe you just have time in May and would like to see if there is something going on that you can be a part of.  We would love to have you help. We are also looking for people who can be a host or hostess of an event (we’ll show you the ropes), or who have a bartender license and would like to help serve at an event.

We also need folks who can help with advertising our events. This can be as simple as putting up flyers, or stuffing envelopes that we will mail out.

Are you ready to Volunteer?  You can give us a call, come into The HUB and talk to a volunteer, or fill out our contact form by clicking HERE.