Volunteer to Visit Shut-ins

Our wonderful Seniors have spent a lifetime helping others. Unfortunately, as we get older… (I hate when the doctor says that!) we sometimes have an illness or an injury that makes it so we can’t take care of things as well as we would like.  Someone may suffer a broken bone, or maybe they are unable to physically do something like make their bed, or do their laundry. Sometimes all they want is a little company.

Our goal is to treat our Seniors with respect and help them to maintain their independence as much as possible.  That means helping them stay in their homes when life is making things more difficult.

Our wonderful volunteer visitors help these Seniors to age in place – in their home. They often form quite fond bonds as they get to know each other.

If you would like to be a Volunteer Visitor, please call us, stop by The HUB and let the volunteer at the front desk help you, or fill in our comment form by clicking HERE.