Why are we always Fundraising?

Asking for money is going to be an ongoing program for The HUB. (You can volunteer to be on our Fundraising Committee!)  Fundraising is how we fund services to our seniors, pay our staff, and build for the future.  We do get income from our membership and class fees, but that income is not enough to bring all the great services to the community that are needed – and we couldn’t do any of it without the help of our AMAZING volunteers. (We LOVE our Volunteers!)


Approximately Three and one half million was raised for phase one to build The HUB, which is now complete. Another five hundred thousand+ is needed for phase two which has not yet started. When phase two is funded, our upstairs will be finished and will house our offices, classrooms, and a fitness room.  We will also have low-cost (or subsidized) rental space for other senior service providers, such as Area Agency on Aging, Coalition of Church and Community, the American Legion, and the Alzheimer’s Association.


It has been challenging fundraising during a recession but our community and the People of the State of Washington have been immensely helpful. We were granted a Washington State Capital Budget Appropriation in 2011 in the amount of 1.36 million (netting 1.319).  We were granted another in 2013 for an additional $500,000  We have also raised almost $700,000 from our community and have a commitment of a private loan for $250,000, and a bank loan for another $250,000.  With Patti Kleist’s tireless efforts as well as those of Rep. Dan Griffey and his staff, we were able to get legislation enacted to exempt The HUB from future property taxes which will help us tremendously.


So where are we now? Costs have risen sharply in the last two years – and our funding needs have increased as well.  We have finished phase 1 construction – but are still in need of approximately $500,000+ in order for to finish and furnish the first class facility our seniors need and deserve.

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